Built-ID connects you with clients and transformative tools for collaborating with them.

You’ll be discovered by your involvement with former clients, specific projects, past collaborations & by your inspiring project images. The word-of-mouth referral system, finally brought into the digital age.

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Built-ID is powered by your projects

Your profile is your base on Built-ID. It houses your projects, links through to your collaborators, and outlines what your company does. It’s where potential clients, investors and occupiers are directed to when they admire your past work, where they can message you and are kept abreast of your future work. It’s that simple. From innovative developers to international investment funds, clients use Built-ID to connect with the right consultants for their schemes.

Consultant Search

Our powerful search tools allow clients to quickly connect with the best consultants for their project.

Inspiration Search

Our precedent library enables clients to discover the teams behind the projects they admire.

Community Engagement Suite

Your track record can be linked to your latest planning proposal, enabling communities to engage with your work.

Premium Features

The Consult Suite

Transforming The Relationship Between People And Places: Community Engagement For The Digital Age

Our highly interactive digital tools transform community consultation by engaging the silent, often disenfranchised majority within the community. We reduce the barriers to community engagement with visual, immersive tools that empower the community to feel a sense of ownership and emotional investment in a development scheme.

Powered by an unrivalled database of project precedent, the Built-ID engagement software not only saves development teams time but helps to generate greater participation rates and to build trust with the community.


The Design Box

The Perfect Tool To Curate, Create And Collaborate

Powered by an ever growing project inspiration library, the Design Box enables you to save, organise and annotate your project precedent and designs. Curate boxes full of design inspiration or your past work and experience seamless communication and real-time collaboration with your clients.

Content can be saved from our inspiration search, profiles, the web and directly uploaded by the user. Soon, when an image is saved from outside of Built-ID, image recognition software will cross-reference the project with our ever-growing database to reveal the original context and creators.


The Mapping Tool

Discover The Teams Behind The Projects You Admire

Thousands of projects are being added to Built-ID each month, creating a repository of best practice that charts the innovators behind the global built environment.

A “Shazam” for the built environment, our map technology will enable potential clients to instantly identify the consultants behind schemes and those with experience within specific geographies and sectors.