Built-ID connects decision-makers with communities

Built-ID showcases the projects of today and empowers communities to better shape the projects of tomorrow. Our community engagement tools are currently being used to influence:

1,000,000+ sq ftCommercial Space

30,000+ New Homes

1,900%Increase In Feedback

Bringing community consultation into the digital age

A New Way To Engage

Inclusive Community Engagement

Effective community consultation is integral to a successful development; however, the process is often skewed by the views of the vocal minority, who have more time and inclination to feedback on prospective projects via traditional means.

There is a lack of information and motivation amongst the silent majority, who're disenfranchised from the planning process. Built-ID is changing this so that more inclusive consultation can shape our built environment.

Visually Engaging Polling

Frictionless Consultation

By leveraging game design, dynamic polling and social incentives, Built-ID's Give-My-View connects developers and councils with a far wider demographic of voices than engage via traditional methods alone.

Give-My-View empowers local people to feel a sense of ownership and agency over a development scheme. The tool engages younger generations, busy parents, people with disabilities and minorities through visually stimulating tools that offer the ability to engage when convenient, accessibility tools and information displayed in a variety of language options.

Supporting Local Initiatives

Gamified Community Engagement

The platform enables developers to invest in the community, not just their bricks and mortar.

Built-ID "gamify" consultation in order to support local charities. Coins earned engaging and sharing the platform translates into money for a selection of local charities chosen by the local council or developer, with the community members able to decides which of these local initiatives benefit from their engagement.

Showcasing Talent

A Vast Precedent Library

Powering the tool is our unrivalled database of leading consultants and their work. From modular construction to public realm space, Built-ID has thousands of projects from around the globe which can be used as visual precedent. A private collaboration zone lets property professionals organise their inspiration effortlessly.

This track record database also showcases the teams on proposed developments to the local community. Their past work is dynamically displayed, enabling communities to have insight into the talent shaping their built environment.