Give My View

Built-ID's award-winning community engagement platform

40,000+community changemakers engaged

500+decisions put to the community

200,000+community preferences shared

Clients include

Unprecedented Reach

Empowering the silent majority

It's easier to incorporate the priorities of a community when you hear diverse and representative views. Give My View engages harder-to-reach demographics, resulting in unparalleled engagement. On average, the platform generates 2000% increased engagement vs face-to-face methods.

Meaningful community engagement

Transforming thousands of voices into actionable ideas

Give My View puts communities at the heart of decision making. Our interactive polls engage diverse communities and present opportunities to influence aspects of the design or process that matter. This gives the typically silent majority a compelling motive to engage: they can genuinely influence tangible change, whilst making a positive impact on their local community.

Making a positive change

Gamifying community engagement

We live in a hyper-connected but time-poor society, therefore our gamification makes engaging quick, easy & fun. Community members are incentivised to engage by collecting virtual coins throughout the poll journey, which are then donated to local charities or nonprofits. The charity fund, provided by clients, allows a positive social impact to be made, and a long term connection to be built with the local community.

The Built-Ideas Directories

Making it easier for decision-makers to access the freshest ideas & talent in the industry

We launched Built-Ideas to showcase cutting edge real-world projects. Built-Ideas is an easy to use tool that features more than 30,000 inspirational projects with the details of the thousands of teams that delivered them. Our Give My View Clients are increasingly using Built-Ideas to source inspiration & new talent so they can help make their communities’ ideas become reality.

Changemaking made easy