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The Engage Suite

Transforming The Relationship Between People And Places: Community Engagement For The Digital Age

Our highly interactive digital tools transform community consultation by engaging the silent, often disenfranchised majority within the community. We reduce the barriers to community engagement with visual, immersive tools that empower the community to feel a sense of ownership and emotional investment in a development scheme.

Powered by an unrivalled database of project precedent, the Built-ID engagement software not only saves development teams time but helps to generate greater participation rates and to build trust with the community.


Ensuring the loudest voices aren't the only ones heard

The Search Engine

Changing The Way Collaborations Are Forged

Built-ID enables you to connect with the consultants behind the projects you admire. With over 1,000 of the world’s leading consultants showcasing their projects and collaborations, Built-ID provides unparalleled search tools for discovering the right precedent and team for your project.

Whether you’re looking to identify the interior designer behind a specific project, the planning consultants most experienced in a geographic area or the asset managers who are trusted within a local market: Built-ID will give instant access to this insight. With our premium map, in real estate, who you know no longer dictates what you know.

The Design Box

The Perfect Tool To Curate, Create And Collaborate

Powered by an ever growing project inspiration library, the Design Box enables you to save, organise and annotate your project precedent and designs. Curate boxes full of design inspiration and experience seamless communication and real-time collaboration with your design team.

Content can be saved from our inspiration search, profiles, the web and directly uploaded by the user. Soon, when an image is saved from outside of Built-ID, image recognition software will cross-reference the project with our ever-growing database to reveal the original context and creators.


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