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Built-ID connects talented consultants with clients and those clients with powerful precedent & collaboration tools. You’ll be discovered by your involvement with former clients, specific projects, past collaborators & by your inspiring project images. The word-of-mouth referral system, finally brought into the digital age.

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Built-ID is powered by your projects

Your profile is your base on Built-ID. It houses your projects, links through to your collaborators, and outlines what your company does. It’s where potential clients, investors and occupiers are directed to when they find you, where they can message you and are kept abreast of your future work. It’s that simple.

Consultant Search

Need the interior designer who has worked on offices for tech companies in London – simply pick your favourite. Our powerful search tools allow you to refine your search for the consultant you want to find. Check out our Built-ID map below for more ways to discover who is pushing the envelope.

Inspiration Search

Browse for inspiration and discover the team behind the projects you admire. Our use of data makes brainstorming and idea generation even easier. Soon, our image recognition software will be able to suggest similar examples of project features, styles and building components to those that you like.

Our forthcoming premium features will transform the way collaborations are forged



The Perfect Tool To Curate, Create And Collaborate

Sharing and commenting on inspiration for projects with clients and colleagues should be seamless. The SandBox enables you to save, organise and annotate your ideas. Your boxes can be linked to specific projects, consultants, clients and themes. As you discover new consultants you can create shortlists, link these to specific boxes and share them across your team.


Discover The Teams Behind The Projects You Admire

Thousands of projects are being added to Built-ID each month, creating a repository of best practice that charts the innovators behind the global built environment.
With the launch of Built-ID’s map, you’ll be able to instantly discover the consultants behind the projects you admire. Whether you’re looking to identify the interior designer behind a specific project, the planning consultants most experienced in a geographic area or the asset managers who are trusted within a local market: Built-ID will give instant access to this insight. In real estate, who you know will no longer dictate what you know.


Shazam For The Built Environment

A potential client can be sat in a hotel lobby or walking down the street hold their phone up to a piece or architecture or interior design and via augmented reality they can discover the team behind it. This means whether they’re looking for the structural engineer who holds the as-built plans for their new building or the lighting designer behind a well lit restaurant, they’ll no longer have to rely on time consuming word-of-mouth insight to discover your involvement on the project that they admire.

Engage Suite

Transforming The Consultation Process

Built-ID is in a unique position to leverage an unrivalled track record database (the Map Tool) alongside precedent curation and collaboration tools (the SandBox) to create a highly interactive engage suite, that engages the "silent majority".
From developers at the pre-planning application stage through to occupiers leasing and fitting-out space, Built-ID enables decision-makers and their design teams to gain unprecedented community buy-in and deliver data-driven designs.

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